I Paint Cabinets

Our Financing Program

Revitalize . your kitchen with our cabinet painting and refinishing services and take advantage of our new financing program. iPaint Cabinets has partnered with FinanceIt, a Canadian company that offers easy, affordable financing options for your home renovation needs. Spread the cost of your cabinet makeover over five years with low monthly payments starting as low as $39. Enjoy fast approval and a credit check that won’t affect your credit score, all while avoiding large upfront deposits.

Find Out How It Works

Step 2

Meet with one of our team members at iPaint Cabinets to review your project, with the assurance that the monthly payments are affordable. 

step 1

Do a quick check to see how much you’ll be approved for.  You’ll receive an instant response and then know what kind of budget you have to work with.

Step 3

Use the FinanceIt app to complete your application.  You can upload your details and set up automatic payments easily from your smartphone!

Investing in a $5,000 kitchen cabinet refacing/refinishing  becomes more manageable at just $49 per month!


Easy Monthly Payments


Sometimes Investing a few thousand dollars at once in a new kitchen is significant. By extending your payment over five years, you can make this investment more affordable! Explore the monthly payment options for your project by clicking on the photos below. Keep in mind that these estimates use standard rates, and actual rates may differ. You can start your application in just a few minutes to discover your qualifying amount!

No Cash? No Problem.

Why pay all at once when you can easily spread the cost over time?

With our flexible financing options, you can manage your expenses without breaking the bank. Here’s why you should consider applying:

  • Stretch Your Budget: Instead of paying in full upfront, enjoy the freedom to pay for your project in manageable monthly installments.
  • Preserve Your Cash: Keep your savings intact for emergencies and other investments. Our financing options help you maintain financial flexibility.
  • Credit Friendly: Applying won’t put your credit score at risk. We conduct a soft credit check, which does not affect your credit rating.

Take the first step today! Apply within minutes and discover the comfort of spreading your payments over time, tailored to your financial comfort.


No, the credit check will not impact your credit score as it is a soft inquiry. You can expect approval within 30 seconds of submitting your application

You will have the option to repay the loan in monthly instalments or to settle the full amount at any time without any penalties

We offer multiple financing options. Based on the size of your project, you can choose to pay in installments over a period that suits your comfort

Complete Your Application and Defer Payments for 3 Months!

Start your project with us and enjoy a 3-month payment deferral when you apply now. This offer gives you the flexibility to manage your finances without immediate pressure. Apply today and make your dream project more achievable!