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Kitchen Cabinets Painting Most Frequent Questions

Cabinet painting has become incredibly popular these days, especially in Toronto and the York region. Whether you’re a homeowner, designer, or painting contractor, it’s normal to have questions before diving into a cabinet painting project. If you’re trying it out for the first time, you might have some doubts. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about cabinet painting

How do I know whether I need cabinet refinishing or refacing?

Cabinet refinishing involves restoring the original look of your cabinets without changing the doors. In contrast, refacing means replacing your cabinet doors with new ones, while keeping the existing frames and cupboard boxes intact. If your cabinets are in good condition but just need a fresh look, refinishing is a cost-effective option. However, if your cabinets are old with broken doors and damaged shelves, refacing them with new doors would be a better choice.

Is painting cabinets just a fad? Will I want my stained wood cabinets back in a few years?

Many people wonder about this: White cabinets are timeless and always in style. Homeowners with oak wood cabinets often choose to paint them and never regret it. It’s unlikely that oak cabinets will become a trend again, so painting them in a color you love is a smart choice. Plus, once your cabinets are painted, it’s much easier and more affordable to repaint them if you ever want to change the color.

Will cabinet refinishing last? Will they chip and peel?

Ideally, a well-painted cabinet can last a lifetime if done correctly. However, many homeowners and painters don’t know the proper techniques, which is why we often redo failed cabinet painting projects. Yes, the paint can chip and peel if not applied properly. But with the right effort and research, you can achieve a durable finish that withstands everyday wear and tear. We offer our customers a five-year warranty on our painted cabinets and provide touch-ups for as long as they live in their homes.

Do I need to apply a clear coat over the paint to protect them?

It’s not advisable to apply any additional coat over the paint, as it can cause your cabinets to develop a yellowish discoloration. By choosing the right type of finish paint, your cabinets will have a durable surface that retains its color without yellowing. We once visited a home where the recently painted white cabinets had turned a dingy off-white yellow almost immediately. The homeowner was very upset, as another company had done the initial job. We redid the cabinets, but it ended up costing her more than the original, discoloured paint job. It’s always better to get it right the first time.

How long does it take to paint the cabinets?

The time it takes to paint cabinets depends on the process. A painting contractor may paint your cabinets in your garage or take the doors and drawers to their shop for painting. Either way, it typically takes about a week to paint the cabinets of an average kitchen. At I Paint Cabinet, we usually complete an average kitchen in about a week.

Can I keep using my kitchen during the process?

The usability of your kitchen during the cabinet painting process depends on the method used. If the company you’ve hired sprays your cabinets on-site, they will tent off the area and cover everything with plastic, making your kitchen unusable for at least 2-3 days. However, at I Paint Cabinet, our method allows you to use your kitchen intermittently throughout the painting process, except when we are actively working on the cabinets. While your kitchen cabinets will be without doors and drawers for a few days, you can still use the rest of your kitchen essentials during this time.

How much will the cupboard painting disrupt my home?

Since we take all the drawers and doors to be painted offsite, disruption to your home will be kept to a minimum. You won’t need to empty your kitchen cabinets; they will just be without doors for a few days. Your kitchen will remain usable for most of the painting process.

Can you paint the end panels that have laminate on them?

Laminates aren’t real wood, but we can definitely paint them. We’ve successfully painted many kitchens with laminates without any issues. It’s crucial to use the right kind of primer for this material. Using the wrong primer can cause more problems than just the end panels of the laminate.

How do you prep the cabinets so they last?

Surface preparation is the most crucial step and forms the foundation of cabinet painting. If not done correctly, the paint won’t last. Unfortunately, many painting contractors skip this step or do it incorrectly, leading to disastrous consequences. At I Paint Cabinet, we’ve conducted extensive research to determine the best methods for prepping cabinets before painting. Here’s what we do:

  • First, we take down and label all the cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware.
  • Then we wipe down all cabinets to degrease
  • Then we mask off & tape the entire area to protect surfaces.
  • Then we lightly sand all built-ins and doors.
  • We look for cabinet cracks and fill them with wood filler.
  • Then we add primer to all of the built-ins, doors & drawers.
  • Again we lightly sand after priming.
  • After that, we add caulking to close off spacing around doors.
  • And add two coats of paint to all of the built-ins, doors & drawers.
  • We lightly sand between coats.
  • Finally, we clean, de-mask and reinstall your cabinetry & hardware. You can now enjoy your new and updated kitchen.

Can you get rid of the grain I see on my oak cabinets?

The answer is both yes and no. Some putties and fillers can be used to eliminate the grain, but this can be costly and almost as expensive as replacing the doors. A more practical and cost-effective solution is to have your cabinets painted. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it also keeps your kitchen looking trendy.

How much does cabinet refinishing cost?

Refinishing is about 50% less expensive than refacing your cabinets with high-quality woods. Refinishing typically costs between $1,900 and $8,000, depending on the size and details of the cabinets. The actual cost will depend on the work involved, type of stain, refinishing method, and design. In contrast, the average cost of refacing is around $6,300, as it involves replacing the doors and drawers with new laminates or wood.

Do you have to clean cabinets more often after cabinet refinishing? Do white cabinets get dirtier?

No, you don’t have to put in extra effort to keep the cabinets clean. Simply wiping them down as part of your regular cleaning routine is enough. In fact, white cabinets are easier to maintain than wooden ones, as dirt is less noticeable on wooden cabinets.

Do I need to empty my kitchen cupboards and drawers before you arrive?

Not necessarily. It depends on the situation. We always try to remove the drawer face and take it with us to save you the trouble of emptying its contents. In rare cases where we cannot remove the drawer face without causing damage, we will need to take the entire drawer, and you will have to empty it. If our representative recommends spray painting the cabinets or if we need to paint the insides of cabinets with glass doors, the cabinets and kitchen will need to be emptied. However, if we are roll painting the sides, you only need to clear your kitchen countertop. Rest assured, we will protect your personal and food items from dust and paint during the process.

I had a friend who had their cabinets painted, which began to peel almost instantly. 

Your friend may not have approached the right professionals or had the job done correctly. It‘s important to understand that achieving perfect adhesion on cabinet surfaces is not easy. You need thorough knowledge of the procedure and must invest in the best products. If the surface isn’t properly prepared or a low-quality adhesion primer is used, the paint will likely peel off, as your friend experienced. The products we use have been tried and tested over the years, which is why we proudly offer our customers a five-year no-peel warranty.

Can I choose any colour?

Yes, you can choose from any Benjamin Moore colour that you want. We will be able to match it.

We want to add/change/modify some cabinets. Can you help?

Yes, we offer a wide range of services, including adding gable ends or removing a raised bar countertop. We’re happy to recommend and assist you with any cabinet modifications you need.

I found a cheaper quote. Why shouldn’t I go with them?

The saying ‘You get what you pay for’ is true for our skilled services. We use the best quality products to provide premium painted cabinets that last. Our well-paid, motivated staff ensure efficient project completion.

Others may offer cheaper rates by cutting costs and using low-quality products, leading to mistakes you might need to fix later. We’ve corrected many such errors. The choice is yours: invest in our top-quality services or risk substandard results.

What does your 5-year “No Peel” warranty cover?

Our 5-year ‘no peel’ warranty protects against paint peeling. We take great care in our work, making peeling rare. However, painted cabinets have limitations under rough usage. The warranty doesn’t cover expansion, contraction, or general wear and tear like chips, cracks, and scratches.

For any unexpected accidents, our customer service team will assist with refinishing and touch-ups to keep your cabinets in pristine condition.

Can you Fill and Drill new holes for new hardware?

Yes, most definitely. If you want to add new hardware to your cabinets, we can help by recommending the best placement and performing the necessary drilling and filling to accommodate the new hardware.

Can we choose two or more colours for our cabinets?

Yes, it‘s very common to choose two colors for your cabinets. Many of our customers select one color for their surrounding cabinets and another for the island. Some prefer their upper cabinets in one color and the lower cabinets in another. Whatever your color preference, we can paint it for you.

Why refinish my cabinets when I could replace them?

Refinishing your cabinets gives them a fresh, new look without the expense and hassle of a full remodel, as long as your cabinets aren’t damaged or very old. Damaged and old cabinets would need replacement. Otherwise, refinishing is a fantastic option for a cabinet makeover. It looks great, is less time-consuming, requires a smaller investment, and uses fewer materials, making it a more environmentally friendly choice.

Do you paint both sides of the door?

Yes, we paint all sides and edges of the cabinet doors and drawers. We start by sandpapering both sides and applying a coat of sealer/primer. After another round of sandpapering, we apply our eco-friendly paint products, which give a beautiful, satin-like finish.

Can you add soft close hardware to my kitchen?

Yes, we can replace your existing door hinges with soft-close hinges and add the soft-close function to compatible drawers.

These are some of the most common questions about cabinet painting in Denver. We can paint both smooth and oak doors, giving your kitchen cabinets a fresh new look.

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