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Kitchen Cabinets Painting Most Frequent Questions

Getting your cabinets painted these days has become extremely popular, especially in Toronto and York region. However, many people, right from homeowners & designers to painting contractors, have a lot of questions before they paint their cabinets. It’s natural to have certain doubts if you’re trying it out for the first time. So, here are a few of the most commonly asked questions concerning cabinet painting.

How do I know whether I need cabinet refinishing or refacing?

Cabinet Refinishing is restoring the original look of your cabinets without changing its doors. On the other hand, refacing is removing your cabinets’ doors and replacing them with new ones. Refacing the cabinets does not change the frame and the cupboard’s boxes, but only replaces the door and drawer fronts. If your cabinetry is in good condition and needs an upgrade, cabinet refinishing would be a cost-effective option to give your cabinet a new look. However, if your cabinetry is old and has broken doors and damaged shelves, refacing the cabinets with new doors would be better.

Is painting cabinets just a fad? Will I want my stained wood cabinets back in a few years?

A lot of people have asked this question. White cabinets are classic, and they never tend to go out of fashion. People who have oak wooden cabinets get them painted and never regret their decision. It’s highly unlikely that the oak cabinets will ever become a style trend again, so it’s only wise to get your cabinets painted with your choice colour. Also, once you’ve got your cabinets painted, it is much easier and less expensive to get it repainted if you want to change the colour.

Will cabinet refinishing last? Will they chip and peel?

Ideally, a well-painted cabinet can last you a lifetime if it is painted correctly. Many homeowners and painters do not know how to paint the cabinets, which is why most of the projects we take up are to redo a failed painted cabinet. So, yes, the paint on the cabinets can chip and peel if done incorrectly. But if you put in some effort and energy to research it and correctly paint them, they will stand up to the grind of everyday life for a long time. We provide our customers with a five-year warranty on our painted cabinets and do touch-ups for as long as they live in their homes.

Do I need to apply a clear coat over the paint to protect them?

It is not advisable to apply any coat over the paint since it can cause a yellowish discoloration on your cabinets. If you select the right kind of finish paint, your cabinets will have a hardened surface that will retain the colour and not easily become yellow. I was once called to see a set of recently painted cabinets that had become yellow. The homeowner had got her cabinets painted white by another company, which had become a dingy off-white yellow almost immediately. She was extremely upset about it. We got her cabinets redone, but it cost her more than what she paid for the original one that got discoloured. So it’s better to get it right the first time.

How long does it take to paint the cabinets?

The time is taken to paint the cabinets depends on how it’s done. The painting contractor will paint your cabinets in your garage or take your doors and drawers to their shop and paint them there. Either way, it usually takes a week to paint the cabinets of an average kitchen. At I Paint Cabinet, painting an average kitchen takes about a week.

Can I keep using my kitchen during the process?

Again this depends on the process of cabinet painting. If the company you’ve hired is spraying your kitchen cabinets Onsite, they will tent off that area and cover everything in your kitchen with plastic. In this case, the kitchen will be unusable for at least 2-3 days. However, the method employed at I Paint Cabinet will let you use your kitchen intermittently throughout the painting process except when we are working on the cabinets. Your kitchen cabinets will be without the doors and drawers for a few days, but the other kitchen essentials can be used apart from this.

How much will the cupboard painting disrupt my home?

Since we take all the drawers and doors to be painted offsite, your house’s disruption will be kept to a minimum. Your kitchen cabinets needn’t be emptied; only they will have no doors for a few days. Your kitchen will be available for use during most of the painting process.

Can you paint the end panels that have laminate on them?

Laminates are not real wood, but yes, we can paint them. We have painted a lot of kitchens without any reported failure to date. It is essential to use the right kind of primer in such cases. There will be many more problems than just end panels of the laminate if your painting contractor uses the wrong primer.

How do you prep the cabinets so they last?

Surface preparation is the most crucial step and forms the foundation of cabinet painting. If not done correctly, the paint won’t last. We see many painting contractors skip this step or do it incorrectly only to have disastrous consequences. We at I Paint have done a lot of research on how to prep the cabinets before painting and have figured out the best way to do it. Here’s what we do:

  • First, we take down and label all the cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware.
  • Then we wipe down all cabinets to degrease
  • Then we mask off & tape the entire area to protect surfaces.
  • Then we lightly sand all built-ins and doors.
  • We look for cabinet cracks and fill them with wood filler.
  • Then we add primer to all of the built-ins, doors & drawers.
  • Again we lightly sand after priming.
  • After that, we add caulking to close off spacing around doors.
  • And add two coats of paint to all of the built-ins, doors & drawers.
  • We lightly sand between coats.
  • Finally, we clean, de-mask and reinstall your cabinetry & hardware. You can now enjoy your new and updated kitchen.

Can you get rid of the grain I see on my oak cabinets?

The answer is both yes and no. Some putties and fillers can be used to get rid of the grain, but it can be costly. It will be as good as getting the doors replaced. Therefore a more practical way to deal with the situation would be to get your cabinets painted. Not only will it be cost-effective but trendy as well.

How much does cabinet refinishing cost?

Refinishing is 50% less expensive than refacing your cabinets with high-quality woods. Refinishing generally costs around $1900 to $8,000 depending on the size and details of the cabinets. The actual cost will depend upon the work, type of stain, refinishing method and design. On the other hand, the average price of refacing is about $6,300 since it involves replacing the door and drawers with new laminates or wood.

Do you have to clean them more often after cabinet refinishing? Do white cabinets get dirtier?

No, you don’t have to put in extra effort to keep the cabinets clean. Just wiping them down as a part of your regular cleaning routine is sufficient for maintenance. White cabinets are easier to maintain than wooden cabinets since you don’t notice the dirt quickly on wooden cabinets.

Do I need to empty my kitchen cupboards and drawers before you arrive?

Not necessarily. It depends on the situation at hand. We always try to remove the drawer face and take it with us to save you the trouble of emptying its contents. Under the rare circumstances where we cannot remove the drawer face because it might damage, we will need to take the entire drawer with us for painting. In such cases, you will have to empty the drawer for us to take it. If our representative recommends spray painting the cabinets or if we have to paint the insides of your cabinet having glass doors, then the cabinets and the kitchen will have to be emptied. But if we are going to roll paint the sides, then you have to clear your kitchen countertop. You needn’t worry about your personal or food items. We will ensure that they remain protected from dust and paint during the procedure.

I had a friend who had their cabinets painted, which began to peel almost instantly?

Your friend must not have approached the right people and gotten it done correctly. It is essential to understand that it’s not very easy to get something adhered to the cabinet surface. You need to have a thorough knowledge of the procedure and need to invest money in the best products to get perfect adhesion. If you do not prepare the surface or use a low-quality adhesion primer, then in all probability, you will have paint peeling off your cabinets as experienced by your friend. The products that we use have been tried and tested over the years, and hence we proudly provide our customers with a five year no peel warranty.

Can I choose any colour?

Yes, you can choose from any Benjamin Moore colour that you want. We will be able to match it.

We want to add/change/modify some cabinets. Can you help?

Yes. We provide a wide range of services, such as adding gable ends or removing a raised bar countertop. We will be happy to recommend and help you with your cabinet modifications.

I found a cheaper quote. Why shouldn’t I go with them?

The old saying ‘You get what you pay for’ is very real, especially for skilled services such as ours. We ensure that we use the safest and the best quality products to provide you with excellent and premium painted cabinets that can stand the test of time. We also go above and beyond to ensure that we deliver to the best of our abilities and make you feel that your investment is worth every penny. In the end, we all have our expenses, our major one being our staff. We like to pay generously to keep them happy and motivated. We take care of their travel expenses and give them a performance bonus to make sure that they always do their best for you. This is the reason why we complete all our projects efficiently. Of course, some other individuals may offer cheaper rates by cutting back on such costs to save money and provide you with substandard services using low-quality products. Then you end up spending double the amount to correct their mistakes. We have undertaken many such projects where we have corrected someone else’s mistakes to say so. Ultimately the choice is yours, whether you want to invest in our best quality services or get substandard painted cabinets by cutting costs.

What does your 5-year “No Peel” warranty cover?

Our 5-year “no peel” warranty protects you from any failure of the paint coat resulting in the peeling of paint from the cabinet. We take the utmost care and precaution while we do our work, so it is infrequent to come across a situation where the paint comes off. However, as with any cabinet finish, the cabinet painting also has certain limitations, especially when subjected to extreme rough usage. The warranty doesn’t cover damages due to the expansion and contraction of the cabinets and the general wear and tear such as chips, cracks and scratches. But in case of any unfortunate and unexpected accidents, our customer service line will get in touch with you and do the necessary refinishing and touch-ups and make sure that your cabinets stay in a pristine condition for a long time.

Can you Fill and Drill new holes for new hardware?

Yes, most definitely. Suppose you want to add new hardware to your cabinets. In that case, we can help you with our recommendation regarding the placement and do the necessary drilling and filling to accommodate the new hardware.

Can we choose two or more colours for our cabinets?

Yes, it is very common to choose two colours for your cabinets. Most of our customers pick two colours: one for their surrounding cabinets and another for the island. A few customers like their upper cabinets painted in one colour, and the lower cabinets painted differently. Whatever colour is your preference, we will be able to paint it for you.

Why refinish my cabinets when I could replace them?

Refinishing your cabinets will give them a new look without the expense and hassle of a full-scale remodeling job, provided your cabinets are not damaged or very old. Damaged and old cabinets would warrant replacement. But otherwise, refinishing your cabinets works wonders in case you want a cabinet makeover. Not only does it look great, but it is also less time-consuming. It requires a smaller investment and fewer materials, which also makes it a more environmentally friendly option.

Do you paint both sides of the door?

Yes, we paint all sides and edges of the cabinet doors and drawers. We first sandpaper both sides and apply a coat of sealer/primer. Then we do another round of sandpapering followed by the application of our eco-friendly paint products, which look beautiful and give you the perfect satin-like finish.

Can you add soft close hardware to my kitchen?

Yes, we will be happy to help you replace your existing door hinges with soft close hinges. We can also add the soft-close function to your cabinet drawers, provided your drawers are not the kind that does not accept the soft-close modification.

So these are the most commonly asked questions we receive regarding cabinet painting in Denver. We would love to answer any further queries that you have regarding cabinet painting. We can paint both smooth doors and oak doors and would love to paint your kitchen cabinets to give them a new look. You can get in touch with us via our website or Facebook page and call or message us in the number provided. We understand that most of you would like to see our work samples before finalizing the project, but we can’t invite you to our clients’ house to display our work. Hence, we would urge you to visit us at our shop to show the existing cabinets that we have painted, or we could come to your house with our samples, whichever is convenient for you. If you wish to see additional pictures of our work, then head over to our Facebook page and go through the project pictures that we keep uploading regularly.